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Reflections for the End of the Year: Stand Out in the Season of Opportunities

As the end of the year approaches, with gatherings among friends and national and regional holidays, many see this time as a pause, a period of reflection where the pace slows down, and a sense of fatigue sets in.

However, I have never been a fan of this mindset. I believe that this is the ideal moment for those who seek more, for those who aim to surpass the competition. While many see this period as a break, I see it as an opportunity for acceleration. Now is the time when I will leave my competitors behind, planting the seeds for a new year full of achievements.

Unlike the majority, the 1% of the population does not rest during this season. And it is not by chance that they are called the 1%. The question is: if you are part of the average, the 99%, and you want to elevate your level in all areas of life – be it financial, in business, networking, relationships, health, or achieving the desired body – why rest now?

Everything you have today, money, friends, body, are the results of your choices. But maybe this is not exactly what you want. If this is your case, I have prepared an exercise to bring clarity in the areas of business, health, and personal life, so that you stand out from the average, leave the herd, and join the select group of the 1%.

Many talk about "believe in the process", but before that, you need to have a process. It is necessary to become aware of where you are and what needs to be done in all areas to become your best version.

There is only one way to improve: do more and do better. I work with high-performance athletes, and all of them who are successful follow this maxim. They train more, study more, arrive earlier, leave later, without complaints, without victimization. They do all this intelligently and optimized, that is, they do more and better.

In every area of ​​your life, what can you do more and better?

I have developed an exercise that I usually offer to my clients, and I decided to make it available for free to everyone. Download it below and end the year at the top, motivated, and executing in an intentional and focused way.

I ask you to share this article with your friends and people you admire. Success attracts success, and the more success around us, the more we are driven.

May the next year be full of achievements and extraordinary accomplishments.

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