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My Story

I am Bruno Pecly, a Brazilian immigrant, a devoted husband, and the proud father of two beautiful girls. My journey has taken me from the colorful landscapes of Brazil to the bustling city of Atlanta in 2013, a journey that embodies my commitment to embracing new challenges, cultures, and opportunities.

From my experiences as a competitive Basketball and Poker player to my current role as a Certified Mental Performance Coach, my path has been marked by diversity, resilience, and adaptation - characteristics mirrored in the clients I work with.

The mental fortitude I've honed through intensive participation in both physical and strategic sports forms the foundation of my unique approach to mental performance coaching. The exhilaration of playing basketball, the razor-sharp focus demanded by poker, and the discipline instilled through personal fitness all converge to shape my comprehensive understanding of mindset and mental resilience.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Mental Performance Coach, I leverage this extensive experience and wide-ranging knowledge to help individuals - athletes and executives alike - perform at their highest potential. Whether on the field or in the boardroom, I am here to help you elevate your performance to the next level.


MY Mission

At the heart of my mission lies a profound passion to transform lives, to spark a paradigm shift in the mindset of athletes, business professionals, and anyone daring to pursue their dreams. I am deeply committed to helping you unlock your fullest potential, to catalyze a profound change that extends beyond the boundaries of your professional endeavors and permeates every aspect of your life.

My aspiration for you is not just to succeed but to thrive—to lead a life where the power of your mind is fully harnessed and where you can manage your emotions, thoughts, and feelings with balance and grace. This isn't just about better performance at work or on the field; it's about living an enriched, balanced, and fulfilling life.

In my role as a mental performance coach, I strive to instill in you the foundational attributes of discipline, resilience, critical thinking, and awareness. I believe these traits are crucial for success, not just in the competitive realms of sports and business but in every facet of life. I'm not just training you to win games or close deals—I'm equipping you to navigate the world with confidence, weather adversity with strength, and make decisions with clarity and wisdom. 

My passion extends beyond coaching—it's a genuine desire to see you flourish, to witness you tapping into the immense power of your mind and leveraging it to build the life you've always desired. This is not just my profession—it's my life's mission. It's why I wake up every day, ready to empower you to conquer your dreams and live a life you love.

Why Mental Performance?

The importance of mental performance, a critical yet often overlooked aspect, extends beyond the individual and pervades every aspect of team performance, whether in sports or in business. This mental tenacity, a blend of resilience, confidence, and focus, can make or break an athlete's performance under pressure, influence their commitment during training, and determine their concentration during competitions.

Similarly, the strength of mental performance is critical in a business setting. It shapes the ability of a leadership team to make sound decisions, maintain focus under pressure, lead with empathetic confidence, and foster a collaborative environment steeped in positivity.

Supporting this, a 2009 study by Gucciardi, Gordon, and Dimmock underscored the critical role mental toughness plays in an athlete's journey to success, particularly in their ability to persist through rigorous training and maintain focus during high-stakes competitions.

Business is no exception to this rule. Executive coaching, a significant component of mental performance training, was found to result in a remarkable 32% increase in goal attainment, according to a 2011 study published in the International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring. Improvements in work-life balance, job satisfaction, and resilience were reported as well.

Harvard Business Review's 2004 research further highlights the transformative effect of coaching in a corporate environment. The study revealed that an impressive 84% of 140 surveyed executives reported improved work performance post-coaching. Improved relationships with direct reports (77%), immediate supervisors (71%), and peers (63%) were also reported. The cumulative result? A considerable 51% of these executives reported enhanced team effectiveness.

Therefore, the proof is in the performance. Whether on the athletic field or in the corporate boardroom, mental performance is not just significant—it's pivotal. Availing themselves of the guidance and mentorship of a dedicated mental performance coach like Bruno Pecly offers athletes and business professionals the keys to unlocking their potential. It provides them with the tools, strategies, and mindset required to excel, setting them on a trajectory of success in their chosen field.


My Qualifications

Possessing a postgraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior, I provide athletes and business professionals with a scientifically-grounded understanding of mental performance patterns and behaviors.


Additionally, my MBA in Leadership, Team Management, and Productivity enable me to enhance leadership capabilities, optimize team dynamics, and boost productivity within both athletic and business environments. 

Being certified in Psychology for High-Performance Sports by FC Barcelona, I harness globally recognized expertise to equip my clients with strategies adopted by top-tier athletes worldwide.


My BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) allows me to understand the business world's complexities and address challenges faced by professionals in the corporate realm.

Moreover, as a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), I blend physical conditioning strategies with mental training, contributing to a holistic performance improvement approach. Simultaneously, my certification as a Personal Trainer enriches my approach to individual coaching, creating personalized training regimes that consider the unique needs of each individual.

My Sports Nutrition and Mental Performance Coaching qualifications further enhance my comprehensive coaching approach. With these, I provide dietary advice promoting optimal physical health, which is crucial for both athletes and business professionals, and employ proven mental performance strategies that drive peak performance.


These diverse qualifications empower me to offer a multi-faceted and science-backed approach to mental performance training for athletes and business professionals.

Why Choose Bruno Pecly? 

I bring a unique blend of experience and education in mental performance coaching, neuroscience, and team management to my coaching services. Being a professional basketball player and poker player, I have firsthand knowledge of athletes' mental hurdles. My executive background and MBA, specializing in Leadership, Team Management, and Productivity, further equip me with an in-depth understanding of the challenges and dynamics present within the corporate world.

My coaching approach sets me apart. I believe in tailoring strategies to each individual's needs, acknowledging the importance of gender-specific nuances, and cultivating essential mental attributes such as discipline, persistence, resilience, critical thinking, and awareness. This comprehensive approach makes me an ideal choice for dedicated athletes, ambitious executives, and cohesive teams who are committed to reaching the pinnacle of their potential.

Moreover, my innovative training program, "The Edge - High-Performance Mental Training System," fuses the latest science-based protocols with practical application. This approach provides a robust toolkit for those seeking to enhance their mental performance. So, whether you're an athlete striving to boost your game or a business professional looking to amplify your leadership skills, I am here, Bruno Pecly, to guide you on your journey to peak performance.

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