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About the system

The mind lab performance

The Mind Lab Performance system is a comprehensive mental training program designed to elevate athletes' psychological skills to elite levels. It combines cutting-edge neuroscience with practical training techniques to enhance focus, resilience, emotional intelligence, and mental toughness. Tailored for high performers in sports, this program helps athletes master their mental game, ensuring they are prepared to dominate in training and competition, pushing them from high performance to peak domination.

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Meet Your Coach

With a strong educational foundation, including a postgraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior, an MBA in Leadership and Team Management, and a BBA, I bring a deep understanding of mental performance, leadership dynamics, and business intricacies. Certified in High-Performance Sports Psychology by FC Barcelona, I apply elite athletic strategies in my coaching. My credentials in CSCS, Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, and Mental Performance Coaching enable a comprehensive approach to performance enhancement. As a Mental Performance Coach, my diverse certifications and personal experience in sports and coaching offer a unique, highly personalized coaching method designed to help athletes and executives achieve optimal success.

The training optimization I experienced through this program has been transformative. I've been able to get better faster, significantly improve my strengths, and fine-tune my performance. I now truly believe that I have what it takes to dominate and win. This program has been a game-changer for my athletic career

Elizabeth G.

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