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Maximize seu potencial.

Treinamento de desempenho mental para atletas e executivos.

mental performace

Life and sports thrive on mindset. But have you dedicated sufficient time to mental training? Discover exclusive, practical, and tested mental strategies for excelling in every facet of your life. Ideal for athletes, executives, and business owners. It's time to supercharge your potential!


Meet Your Coach

bruno pecly


With a robust educational background, including a postgraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior, an MBA specializing in Leadership and Team Management, and a BBA, I offer a profound understanding of mental performance patterns, leadership dynamics, and the intricacies of the business world. Certified in Psychology for High-Performance Sports by FC Barcelona, I employ strategies top athletes employ worldwide. 


Additionally, holding credentials as a CSCS and Personal Trainer and qualifications in Sports Nutrition and Mental Performance Coaching allows me to provide a holistic approach to enhancing performance. This entails blending physical conditioning with mental training, benefiting athletes and business professionals alike.

As your Mental Performance Coach, my personal experience as a basketball and poker player, complemented by certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, and mental performance, uniquely positions me to guide athletes and executives toward optimal success. My approach is highly individualized, celebrating each client's uniqueness. I concentrate on creating tailored training plans that address specific aspirations, strengths, and challenges. Selecting me as your coach means investing in a partnership dedicated to your distinct journey, ensuring we collaboratively navigate the path to your peak performance.

bruno p.jpg


Our goal is to elevate your performance through personalized one-on-one sessions, team resilience building, and engaging keynote speeches for businesses and events. With a focus on uncovering potential and breaking through barriers, we are dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance in your field.

"Bruno's 'The Mindlab' program was a game-changer for me. I saw dramatic improvements in my mental resilience and performance inside the ring. Bruno's approach to mental training helped me push through barriers I didn't even realize I had. I've never been more focused or more prepared for my fights. This is a must for any athlete looking to step up their game."

Elizabeth, MMA Fighter

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